Manic Monday Rant

by sadandsassy

Love. Everyone experiences it, whether it’s love for a person (so 2007,) food, a pair of shoes or a lamp. People strive for love and to be loved and sometimes even settle to be “liked.”

It seems that nowadays people seek acceptance from anyone and everyone, including strangers. Not to put instagram or social media in general on blast right now, but why do we need to feel some sort of connection with someone out there, at all times. Are we lonely? Are we bored? Is there something we’re lacking that makes us crave attention? If so, what is it? Has technology and the internetsz morphed us into egotistical, hypocritical, arrogant, ‘like’ junkie assholes? Prob. Actually, def. Guilty? Me too. But anyway, back to “love,” because I kinda went off topic there, which happens a lot btw. Sorry, maybe. 

“The Love Project,” by Tao Ruspoli featuring Roberta Haze is pretty much spot on. It’s a real look into someone’s life whose been there/ done that. Haze, at 73, has been on the roller coaster ride that comes along with relationships and tells us about them along with some advice. People always say “Listen to your elders,” right?

To say I appreciate this video, is an understatement. Heres ju go. You’re welcome.

“I don’t say you have to work on love, but if you feel it, then I think you have to work on not trashing it.” – Roberta Haze.

Life is a learning experience and I’m definitely learning everyday. No one’s perfect, we all make mistakes and we should learn from them. Unless you’re like me and just keep making them, hAYyyY. At the end of the day, you just gotta find someone to put up with your shit, basically.

Ps- I really need/want/love these shoes. S’cute.


Jeffrey Campbell “Maud Metal Heel,” Free People, $198.