Frozen shrimp in da club

by sadandsassy

Fabrizio Goldstein aka The Fat Jew/Jewther Vandross/ Fatrick Jewing/Whitney Jewston/Jew Diamond Phillips IS my spirit animal. He’s been interviewing for The Crosby Press and I’m not mad at it, at all. Along with Trinidad James, he interviewed A$AP Ferg, French Montana, Ace Hood and J. Cole, just to name a fewww. Nbd.

Marinating in a hotel hot tub filled with ramen noodles? Hiring hookers to reenact a scene from Braveheart? Like, who thinks of this shit? He does. He also has a spoof on “The Hills” and “The City” called “The SkinNY,” and its amazing. Oh, and there’s also “Bottle Poppaz.”

Marry me?