by sadandsassy

So, every morning, I usually wake up with random objects from throughout my house on/around me in my bed. Couple of months ago, the things to wake up to were rugs. Then, there were shoes which were then followed by those light socket cover things. Weird, right? No. Not weird at all because I have a mutant neurotic sadistic demon in the form of a black lab. My mom even attempted giving him away…which obviously was a fail. The people that came to get him changed their mind once they met him. He’s turning 1, July 30th, and he still acts as if he’s 2 months old/ a lap dog. I can’t even take a car ride with him without him jumping onto my lap when I’m driving. Safe? Ya, def. He has no attention span whatsoever and will eat ANYTHING/EVERYTHING. He threw up a football once. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s plotting my demise. Russell. The best/worst thing that ever happened to me. Despite all the crazy things he’s done/will do tomorrow though, I love him to death. He may have eaten numerous pairs of my shoes, but, I’m genuinely thankful everyday for this creature because it’s never a dull moment with him. Let’s just say I’m constantly entertained.


I woke up to this a couple of days ago. A ball and a half eaten wiffle ball bat. S’cute.